Do you feel infidelity is something you can come back from?

Personally I’ve forgiven boyfriends in the past for those kinds of acts of disrespect but in the future I could never see me accepting that bullshit again. It left me with a deep insecurity and a lot of self doubt. Then I found myself in the complex position of figuring out whether or not I stayed out of love and forgiveness or simply because I couldn’t “lose him to her”. I had to feel like I won, if I was going to leave a man it was going to be on my own terms and not cause “she” took him. Thank God for my growth cause the days of being the “stay down” are over. Never again will I compromise myself for the sake of continuing to share space with someone who didn’t care about losing me. NO cheating is not apart of the “ups and downs” in a relationship. NO you are not abandoning that man by leaving him like everyone else did YOU ARE HOLDING HIM ACCOUNTABLE for mistreating you and disrespecting the relationship. SO simply put yeah you could stay after infidelity but you never feel the same, your never quite as comfortable or as eager to speak good about your partner. Constantly wondering whose going to come to you with a story or screenshot, what bitch you’ll have to fight next on;y to go home and lay up with the same dog that gave them the opportunity to laugh at you in the first place…naw I’m good. Cheat on me and I’m gone, I ain’t fighting nobody, I ain’t proving my position…I’m gone and that’s it.