About the Author

Aikea Gordon is originally from Washington, D.C. She lost her mother at the age of seven and was raised by her grandmother in Maryland. Faced with many trials and tribulations, childhood sexual abuse, struggles with mental health,mental and verbal abuse to name a few she’s always found writing to be a passion of hers throughout her life…a form of escape honestly.

Although she found herself in trouble a few times in her teen years both behavioral including teen mom hood she managed to stay on top of her studies, she worked, took AP courses and, participated in Suitland’s vo-tech academy which afforded her a CNA license. Aikea graduated from Suitland High School in 2015, 2 and a half months pregnant with her first child. She went onto complete a semester of college at Coppin State University, but college just wasn’t for her. So she returned home to live with her boyfriend who was also her son’s father and his family, in December at age 18 she gave birth to her son and joined the workforce.

During the first year of her son’s life she dealt with abandonment from family, health issues of her own as well as her son. Eventually Aikea found herself and her little family homeless for a while before they were accepted into a family shelter where she continued to work and raise her child. During this time she managed to continue writing and made a career change from nursing to security.

It would still be years before she was able to move out of the shelter, but the move would prove bittersweet as her 5 year relationship failed and she called off her engagement. Continuing to move forward with her life she rekindled a relationship with a former lover and that relationship brought forth 2 new children.

Today Aikea resides in Washington D.C, is a mother to 3 boys ages 5,2, and 6 months old. She still works security but is now also a published author. It is our hope that through her stories you grow to know and love her.